Bracelet Creations at the Barn
6:00 PM18:00

Bracelet Creations at the Barn

Pre-registration required for this event.
Link below or you can pre-pay to hold your spot at Main Street Boutique in Sauk Centre. 

The ladies at Berg's Barn have graciously asked me to host a bracelet creation event.  
During this event you will come to have a better understanding on the stones included in your bracelet and also aroma's that will enhance your emotions and well being each day you wear it!! All bracelets are created with crystals and stones along with charms to choose from. Plus just a fun day with your friends/family! Come on out to the barn! There is much fun to be had!! 

The bracelet in event picture and one other style is what is offered at this event. There are 6 different ways to create your bracelets that will be specific to your uniqueness! 

Tickets available. Just copy and paste URL below to web address bar.

Please post any questions and I will get back to you

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Nikki of Zen Den Therapy is teaming up with Leanne Larson of Art Bar 39, in a relaxing experience of "Purposeful Painting" through playful exploration of the elements! I want to do that!  Join me and Leanne of Art Bar 39, as we guide you through using your imagination to be in touch with your soul's purpose.  No limitations, no judgments!  Just a time to explore what it is inside you and allowing you to express that through painting it into words!  What do you FEEL you connect with most? What do you KNOW you connect with most? Earth, Air, Fire or Water?  Join us to experience all of these elements along with sound, touch, colors and more to embrace a playful event and something to remember and take home with you! This is a time and place for women to connect, renew and explore experiences of wellness in mind, body and spirit.  #behappy 


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Creating Connections Hand Massage Experience
6:00 PM18:00

Creating Connections Hand Massage Experience

POSTPONED  Touch is fundamental to the human experience. It is most likely no accident then, that the lack of connection, either emotional or physical is discussed in terms of touch – tactless, lost touch with, out of touch.

Without thinking about it, some people can go hours, days or even weeks without any physical contact in their lives. Adding touch to your day is a simple way to harness its health-maximizing effects of less stress, pain management and a healthier body and mind.

I invite you and your loved one, daughter, mother, friend, husband, son, or grandparent to experience the gift of giving and receiving through a simple yet highly effective hand massage technique--Aroma Touch!

I will guide you through the process along with explaining important reflex points for other parts of your body and many of times the emotional attachments to that! Along with using therapeutic grade essential oils, this will be a wonderful experience you are not going to want to miss! Let’s celebrate one other with the gift of hand massage and aroma therapy!

Bring a partner🙏

$10/person at the door 🙏

RSVP on event by clicking “Going”. Thank you 🙏

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Meditation and MONQ Experience
6:30 PM18:30

Meditation and MONQ Experience

Pre-registration with ticket attachment

After last month I have learned that my space can get somewhat tight, so seating arrangements have been considered, and this month we will be moving our meditation night to a new location! Heather Zollman, of Yoga Mama’Z Center Yoga in Sauk Centre, has so graciously welcomed our presence at her location! Larger space, more room to let yourself expand! 

Back this month! Meditation and MONQ. “What is MONQ?” Pronounced “monk” is a new way of enhancing your experience of aroma therapy in a personal diffuser form!! Check out MONQ to understand more about it. You will experience testing all 10 blends and choose one that best fits you! Choose how you want to feel and inhale! 

Come and join Zen Den Therapy and Yoga Mama’Z Center Yoga for a night of meditation, MONQ, caring and sharing on April 27th. We will talk about aroma therapy and it’s benefits. 

An aroma therapy bar experience!

Lets relax and unwind with a guided meditation to free ourselves from day to day stresses....I AM IN. Journaling your release and then sharing are both important for letting go of day to day stresses.

$32/person. You will go home with your favorite diffuser blend. Also the chance to purchase more MONQ at a discounted price!

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