How it all started...

   A place to unwind.

Someone once told me "the best healers of the wounded were once wounded themselves." I will never forget the feeling I had at that very moment, now knowing exactly what my life's purpose was. Therapies through the use of movement, touch and tools from earth have given me inspiration to dig deep inside myself and assist others of letting go of the past and embracing the joys to come.


Massage therapy training is what started my journey of being interested in all that is offered in the healing field. Since then my interest has taken me to oil therapy trainings, energy healing certifications and mindfulness awareness. I didn't know what I wanted to be once I grew up until I was in my 30's. Since then, the one-on-one time with clients and seeing the changes take place in people lives, has kept my curiosity of 'what's next' my driving force in the healing field. I have been performing healing modalities since 2010 and continue to challenge myself in other healing therapies every chance I get.


I was gifted with a place to provide all these therapies, and the goal of Zen Den Therapy is to assist every client with the feeling of peace and trust in what's to come once they walk out the door. I have received many gifts and enlightenment through choosing gratitude to guide me in my practice. Zen Den Therapy was created on the idea of educating people on how amazing a machine our body is. And through mind, body and soul balancing techniques, we are able to keep this "machine" properly maintained. Zen Den Therapy provides many different healing techniques to assist you in letting go of no longer serves you and embracing all that us available for our well-being. 

Thank you so very much for taking the time to understand what Zen Den Therapy's goals are. Check out all other categories to get a better idea of all therapies, workshops and retreats that are offered through Zen Den Therapy. #behappy


Nikki Moritz

Zen Den Therapy


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