On the Other Side of the Fog

Hello, hello! As I sat and thought about what situations and experiences I have shared throughout the last few blog posts, I felt as if I maybe needed to talk about what it was that I have learned and what it is I need to happen as I more forward. As I share these thoughts and goals, I am really looking for any feedback people have for me. 

As I mentioned in my last blog, there are situations that we all find ourselves in, that we would just ‘rather eat glass’ than do that or do this. As I have been running all the thoughts and experiences through my mind, I have realized that I have allowed much of my personal power to be given to all this ‘stuff’ and I don’t like that at all. I have been enlightened by these experiences in a way that may sound very, very hard to do, but I really like the concept of it. 

Let me share this with you: DONT TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY! Really, do not take anything personally. How is that even possible? It is so hard to steer away from what we all have been trained into thinking is the way we handle situations and experiences in life. To explain, let me ask you some questions: you know how sometimes someone may say something upsetting to us and we instantly take it to heart? Or, we say things like “they made me feel like I was stupid”? Have you really ever thought about what you are saying? How can someone make you feel or think something? Would you agree that when people say or do things, we have a choice to believe it’s true or we can choose not to believe that it is true? Really, no one can make us feel or think anything. We do that all on our own. We are so quick to play the blame game. For example, I was listening to a conversation a few days ago and one person made the remark “whenever she looks at me like that, she makes me feel like I am so stupid!!” As I started to process that, it really made no sense at all. We allow even the facial expressions of people to influence how we choose to move forward in life. Instead of taking responsibility for our thoughts and feelings, we choose to take it personally and play the ‘blame game’. So, there you go. That is my thoughts on that!! HAHAHA.

So, what I have been learning more frequently about taking things personally is that I need to take ownership for my thoughts and feelings. Someone can’t make me feel anything. I can allow them to influence or I can choose to not let them influence me. But really, the choice is totally mine! How this is in relation with the title of this blog “On the Other Side of the Fog”, is that we allow our thoughts and feelings to be influenced by others and then we act or react with things that really do not have our best intentions in mind. We get caught up in the fog and have the tendency to never walk through it.  On the other side it is so beautiful in so many ways. Our soul has the ability to really shine when we are set on not only seeing through to the other side of the fog but then actually walking through it!! That is the really exciting part. Amazing…absolutely amazing!

So how am I going to move forward? The lessons I have learned these last couple of months, with relationships with other people but more importantly with myself, is that I am going to allow myself to receive the wakeup call. That wakeup call has been brewing inside of me for a long time. I have many different gifts that I want to share with people so that they too can experience all that this short life has to offer and honor themselves by stepping through that fog. Making their way to the other side takes time and practice every day. I need to remember that and always remember to be patient with myself. 

I will be releasing my newest services available in…let’s see what should I do to hold myself accountable? I will have all of my ducks in a row and release my new services available in 30 days from now. It will be titled “Creating Connections”. Some of you may remember me talking about it. There will be everything from make and takes, workshops (or I like to call them experiences), one on one transformational coaching sessions, small group transformational coaching sessions, meditation circles and also small group retreats!!!! AHHHHHHH! Okay. I need to be patient with myself and be accountable now that I have written it down!! I am so excited! I am stepping through the fog and seeing what is on the other side. I am scared and feel vulnerable. But, vulnerability is one of the best emotions to experience in order to receive the message ‘WAKE UP and go get it!!’ I accept the invitation! 

Thanks for reading everyone, and please reach out for ideas on how you can step through the fog and see what just might be on the other side! I think that you will like it. In fact, I know that you will be so happy you did it! Until next time-- blessings and #behappy. 

Nikki @ Zen Den Therapy