"Creating Connections" and it's purpose

Hello hello! I am so happy that you are here.  Thank you for taking the time to connect and read this!   I love having the chance to connect with people.  With that being said, how do you connect with people in your life?  

Doesn't it seems like most of the connections that we have are through social media?  Now I am so grateful for social media.  Isn't it amazing?  How quickly we can reach out to one another?  We always know what is going on at all times.  I don't know how you feel about that but sometimes I get so excited about all of the different events happening I have a hard time picking what I would really like to do.  

So all of that and so much more has been going through my mind lately.  It was raised a number of questions with in myself. It has made me think of what I want out of my relationships with family, friends and community. So with all of the changes going on with in Zen Den Therapy I feel it is so important to create purposeful and authentic connections.

How many of you reading this can honestly say that you have a authentic and personal relationship with all your "Friends" on Facebook?  Do you ever honestly reach out to every single on of them genuinely curious about their families, lives and well-being? So I really wanted to create a way to connect with as many of my "Friends" as I could.  So there again, that is where social media has had a positive effect on my life.  I can actively pursue writing this blog, post it on social media and then get people to connect with me and others by reading it.  Simple, right?  Well maybe not so simple. There are so many factors that go into who see what on social media.  Even when you put money towards an ad to run, it doesn't guarantee people will actually see it, read it or join in and be part of it.

So this is what I came up with.  I wanted to create ways that people can join in on positive, empowering, creative, unique, different, fun, uplifting and out of the comfort zone experiences.  I wanted people to feel like it is a safe environment to share their vulnerable side and not be fearful of what people were thinking.  I also want people to attend because they are looking to grow personally no matter who else is there.  

I have taken a step back and I am approaching sharing the knowledge and 'workshops' that I offer in a different way!  I am no longer going to offer a bunch of different experiences through events on Facebook, in hopes that someone signs up.  All of us have so much going on in life and there is just way to much to choose from!  Don't you agree?  All the pretties online and so much of what we all want to be a part of!  

So here is how it goes. Do you and/or a group of friends have an interest in some of the experiences that I offer?  If so head on over to the Creating Connections page and choose what speaks to your heart as something that you would like to know more about.  At this point I released three different experiences to choose from, but there are many more to come! And please, if you have questions give me a call or message me.  I love to talk!  I have been trained and certified in a handful of different subjects and would love to share with you, in a personal setting, what interests you.  All the details are described on the "Creating Connections" tab.  Enjoy and any feed back is greatly appreciated!! Remember that “the purpose of my life is to help other’s through it”.  Blessings and #behappy         

Nikki @ Zen Den Therapy 

Nikki MoritzZen Den Therapy