This week's post is inspired by a woman, mother, friend, and a example to me and many others to follow.  I don't know if there are rules to whether or not I can share people's names online through stories or not, so I am going to name this person Wind.  

There was a day when Wind called me to ask about how it was that I decided to go to school for massage therapy.  How was it that I just took that leap of starting a business and not having the assurance that I would be able to support my family? She, at this point in her life, really enjoyed the people who she was working with.  She also had started a side business that was the spark that started an awakening within her, but she didn't feel she was able to rely on that completely to fully support her family.  Wind would now and then call or schedule a time to talk about moving forward more with this side gig, but again, she felt it may not be something that she could completely give all her time to as a career.  I am almost certain I was not the only one who she was asking questions of and direction from, but I like to think that chatting with me may have been another reason why her wheels kept spinning.  I remember more than once saying to Wind, "Just quit, just quit your 9-5 job and just do it!!"  In response to that it was like what we all would do or say: "It is not that easy!"  

Is it not that easy?  What is it that holds us back from really doing, saying and experiencing what we desire most?  Is it that we are fearful of failure?  It was for me.  For me, I remember the thoughts of "I can't make any money massaging people.  That is like a side gig. That is something people do here and there and for fun money." You know what? It was only that when I kept saying it was only that!!  There is a whole bunch that took place in between then and the end result, but what ended up happening is I was pushed into exactly what I was asking for and that was doing what I loved to do and was put here to do.  And, I feel really that is what we are all put here to do.  The purpose of life is to help others through it!!  

So, back to Wind and what it was that she was meant to do.  Notice how I mentioned in the previous paragraph that I was pushed into exactly what I was asking for?  Literally, it happened.  Well, this same thing happened to Wind.  After speaking with her, more than once she had mentioned: "I just feel like I am supposed to be helping more families or in specific more children."  I love that.  I love hearing people speak into words their inner guidance.  After months, maybe even years, something happened to her and her family that inevitably PUSHED Wind into embracing fully what the purpose of her life was.  Now know that this is me on the outside looking in, but from my PERSPECTIVE the purpose of her life is to help others through it.  Wind and her family were tested with tragic news and some heartbreaking decisions to make very quickly-- one of which Wind no longer was going to work the 9-5 job. She needed to be home full time to take care of her children, which really is what she wanted to do all along.  In the past she would say, "It is not that easy," but really people, it can be as easy as you want it to be or you can wait until you are pushed into what you are here to do!  

I was scared and probably stubborn also, but what I knew and need to always remember is that I will get what I ask for.  Sometimes it comes in ways we do not understand or it can be very heartbreaking.  Actually, let me rephrase that; it usually comes in ways we do not understand!  But those are the best ways.  If we were always prepared for everything that was going to happen in life, why live? Nothing would be a lesson to be learned because we would always be prepared.  That is how we grow.  That is how we learn. It is how we learn to forgive. Allowing our coping mechanism to kick in. Suppression of that mechanism I feel can be more harmful than if we would just to let our spirit experience it.  Most importantly, being pushed into situations and circumstances that we just don't want to deal with is one of the most inevitable ways we all learn how to LOVE more fully and deeply than ever before.  

Since all of these life events have taken place with Wind and her family, she will mention how she feels that there isn't as much of a connection with old friends or family.  Wind has come to realize how what "WE" all think is something to be concerned about in life, does not matter at all.  Wind mentioned that conversations are often pointless and that there is not much enjoyment in spending time with those she loves the way it used to be.  I relate to her and remind her (and myself) that we all can only relate or understand from our own perspective.  Unless we embrace the lessons learned with nothing but love, we will continue to float through life surfacing what is offered and never fulling diving into our purpose.  Not having that connection with people can be very frustrating because all we want is for everyone to WAKE UP!  Including myself!  

I want to send Wind and her whole family a loving energy right now!  I am here reminiscing about her stories and our conversations with one another.  I want her to know and understand how much she has been part of lifting me up again.  I also want to recognize how many more of you out there are in situations in life that you can embitter yourself in or better yourself from.  

I am so grateful for all the lives that have and continue to grace my journey.  I get to have a unique relationship with so many different people, and I never thought that this would be me.  I am blessed to be taught such uplifting life lessons from so many people in my life.  Thank you...Thank you so much!




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