Should we be honest or not?

Let's be real.  Do you like being real? Or do you like to just tip toe around the white elephant in the room?  Before you read any further, I encourage you to scroll down and comment on the first thing in your life that comes to mind, something you can relate to simply by processing that question.  Don't worry; you can comment without leaving your name if you wish.  But, we are being honest with each other, right?  

Much of what has been on my mind these past couple of weeks has inspired most of my personal conversations with friends and family. These ideas have also guided me to ask myself difficult questions about who and what really matters to me. I guess this is because so much of what has been knocking on my door to test me has all been familiar; it all relates to how I have handled many, possibly most the difficult situation,s that popped up in my life in the past.  Any of you who are reading this might recall an Instagram post that I shared about how "we look at our lives so much through the darkness that we have dealt with in life. But, if we would just PAUSE and see the light that surrounds us, that is when our true colors shine through."  Maybe you have already commented on this blog. If you haven't, please share what that above statements means to you and how you have overcome the darkness.  

I feel I am being tested to see what strengths I have to stand up for myself, my beliefs, and my true purpose in life.  So, let's be honest, or should I say, "Nikki be honest."  Do you ever just want to lose your cool?  I feel like I have such great tools to keep me from jumping overboard, but sometimes I just want to!!  I don't appreciate how much people feel like they can stomp all over others and keep on doing so with the expectation of getting away with it.  Then to top it all off, these people are family!  I have said, "If that what it is about to have family in your life, I would rather have friends."  

Well, there you go.  I guess that was all I needed to feel a little bit better than I did a minute ago.  But really, I have had many trials with family members. Even though most of the time I feel life really is a joy and blessings are abundant, the more I send out that message, some people do what ever they can to push back, even when I try double hard to just LOVE them.  Wow...there you have it!  Why do people push away when you just want to love them?

I guess I will not claim being some kind of expert, but would you agree that being truly loved or being shown compassion, is so unfamiliar for people, that instead of being thankful of the gesture, they reject it?  That's it!!!  That is me!  I can relate to that so much. As a young person, I didn't want anyone getting close to me.  I didn't want anyone knowing what was going on in my home, my life, or my thoughts and heart!  Right now I feel like it is a good time to say that this is an Oprah "Ah Ha" moment!!  Thanks Oprah!! Seems so simple, yet so hard to grasp. When people push back so hard, it really has nothing to do with the person that they are pushing away. It has soooo much to do with keeping everything closed up as tight as possible!  Well, I am here to say "I am gonna still come for you and going to love you the only way I know how!!"  If any of you reading have seen the majority of my Instagram and facebook posts, you will have a really good sense of what I am going to say next..."LOVE WILL ALWAYS WIN." Even though the ones I just want to love hard piss me off sometimes, I still will love them no matter what. So, everyone is going to have to deal with it! 

This week's challenge: love someone more than you have before.  Send a message, drop a note, give a call, give a hug or say a prayer for them even if they are so damn hard to love sometimes. Do it anyways.  It is amazing; the more you send them love, the better you feel about some of the sticky situations that might be going on in life!  So, I am going to be better at loving not matter what because again, LOVE WILL ALWAYS WIN.  

This blog is short, but the message I feel can be very powerful!  Are you up for the challenge?  Have at it!  I am sending you love right now!