I AM...

This blog is most definitely inspired by the power of manifesting. 

What do I mean by that?

Well, first things first. The title of this blog is inspired by a book written by a great teacher, someone who I was introduced to once I started to understand enlightenment. This person's name is Wayne Dyer. Boy, have I been so "lured" in by the messages he has and the teachings that he describes. It is interesting how much of what he explains in his book Wishes Fulfilled resonates with what and where my thoughts are most of the time. 

Have you ever heard the expression 'I am always thinking about my thoughts'? That is me!! I am always thinking about my thoughts. I feel that I am always connecting with my feelings through my thoughts.  I don't know if that even makes sense. As I am trying to put it into words I am figuring out that I am having a difficult time doing it! 

So, what I am saying is that when I am wishing of something to happen or take place for me, in even the simplest form, I am constantly aware of how what my thoughts are based on and if they are in alignment with what my wishes are. Some people would describe this is a the law of attraction or the secret. I have been practicing being more mindful of my thoughts and reactions to life and then also recognizing that how the "cards are dealt" to me really is the way I intended it to happen based on what my wishes are and whether they are in alignment with my desires in life.  Hopefully that makes sense.  

Well, oddly enough, the power of manifesting came into play this exact week.  My husband is a go-getter, to say the least.  He has always been such a hard worker.  At times I feel that so many of us, including myself, typically restrict ourselves from our highest abilities based on our age.  Not my husband.  He is always up for a challenge in many different ways.  This last year he agreed to join a race that is, to say the least, a challenge for even those who train.  He has never done an event like this, and at minimum, he should have done some training to teach his body the skills of how to successfully complete something ’they’ call the Tough Mudder.  My husband didn’t train at all.  He completed the Tough Mudder and lived to tell about it.  Just a little story about how I at times may over look the capabilities of him, myself and others.  Super proud of what he did!!  

As we went on to live life, a couple weeks went by and my husband went back to his daily routine.  On Tuesday, he went to work as normal, feeling great, feeling 39!!  By noon he had such knee pain he wasn't able to walk at all.  I will skip over all the details of what all happened in between, but at this very moment, I am sitting and waiting for him to come out of surgery.  He has been suffering with such knee pain and a massive infection, the docs needed to get in there ASAP and flush out all the crud!  As I type this, I think  “I am thankful. I am thankful. I am thankful. I am aware. I am aware. I am aware. I am blessed. I am blessed. I am blessed.”  The reason behind these mantras is not just because my husband is part of my life but that he will continue to be for a long time.  Live as if it is your reality, and more importantly, assume it is already within you.  So even though he may have had a knee surgery, it puts into perspective as to how I AM thankful, I AM blessed and I AM aware of that!  

So, back to the beginning of being inspired by the power of manifesting.  The wonderful blessings I have in life will continue to be part of my life because I will move forward with intentions of fulfilling the wishes I call upon.  I will assume as if they are already within me.  I know and understand that the situation at hand this week may not compare to that of other forks in the road for most, but I do know that no matter how serious the situation, it most definitely gets you thinking about your thoughts and what your wishes are in life.  

As I sit here next to him, now back from surgery, I realize how much I truly love hearing him speak and breathe.  Even as he blinks his eyes, it has a certain satisfaction.  As is medication kicks in and he finally is able to relax and say in his honor “I am pain free, I am pain free, I am pain free,” and I will assume it is his reality!


just keep my ring on because I don’t want to lose it
— C. Moritz

I AM...

I am thankful for being about to be part of this experience with him.  I will hold on to this ring that bring us together as a unit.  I love you sweetie!  Heal quickly!