What's Your Frequency?

My mantra, the purpose of my life, is to help others through it. The purpose of my life is to help others through it.  The purpose of my life is to help others through it.  I am hoping that by quoting it three times it may just meet somewhere well with all who read this. This speaks to my heart in such a way that at times I feel it is hard to explain exactly what I mean.  But yet, it is so simple.  The words spoken are exactly what I mean. 

Recently I was reminded to continue to send love to all: people, creatures, nature and most of all yourself.  I had the honor of being part of a day that meant a great deal to my family with the birth of their child.  It was a blessing to be in the presence of all those who love each other and to also be part of the Sunday morning ritual of worship.  I was especially lured in with what the sermon was about and how it had such an impact to me.  I will elaborate more in depth on that towards the end of the story.  But what I would like to share with everyone is how what I experienced brought back so many thoughts and feelings from years ago.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz is someone I was introduced to a couple years ago, and I only met him; he never has met me.  I was introduced to a discussion of his about the 'frequency of love'.  Sounds kind of cool, right?  The frequency of love! What does that mean?  Love has a frequency? So I have learned through many different experiences and discussions that absolutely everything in existence has a frequency through vibration.  For example, when you are sick, just with a common cold, your body will vibrate at a lower frequency than that of someone who is healthy.  That seems pretty easy to understand.  Or you know when you see someone and every time you see them some will say "they just light up the room"?  Typically, it seems like that person just walks a little lighter or with more ease than others.  They are operating on a higher frequency.  

So, how about when these frequencies are influenced by different emotions?  Another example: how about some one who you normally don't like to spend much time with because they are always so damn negative or never have anything good to say?  Well, our emotions run on frequencies, and negative emotions are a lower frequency and happy or positive emotions run on a higher frequency.  What feeling would you guess has the highest vibrational frequency?  Think about that for a bit, and as you think of it, try and feel the emotions you have experienced that allow you to remember the times you have been the happiest in your life.  As those memories come up, write down the emotions you were experiencing at that very moment.  I am getting to a very good point, I promise!

So, as I sat and listened to the sermon at the baptism, it was brought to my attention that so may of us walk through life living in fear of the unknown.  We watch media, research things on the internet, talk to family and friends, and so much of what is talked about are all the the things that we need to be fearful of.  As I I sat and listened to the talk, it was brought to the congregation's attention that there are modern day snares that are disguised as the devil or "the serpent"!  As the speaker continued to "lead," he chose to incorporate a list of snares that he felt were ones to take caution with.  Examples of these would be yoga, reiki massage, essential oils, fortune cookies, horoscopes, smudging and acupuncture to name a few.  The whole time this was being said, I thought to myself "these are all things that I practice or have read or have experienced in life.  And every time I do I feel so alive, happy, joyful or even hopeful of the days ahead."  I was confused, because following the service there was a baptism where the priest blessed the babies with oils, twice!  Then,  I also got to thinking, 'I remember coming to services in the past and incense is being burned through out the whole church'.  I guess after thinking this through, my heart started to guide me and take me over to a place of LOVE.  Sending love to all those in fear of the unknown. Sending love to all who choose to walk through life in a FREQUENCY that keeps us in suppression of the gifts God has given us. These gifts have given me more confidence in the things that I love and have been great tools for me to use, along side my spiritual values and core beliefs in life.  I remember not taking the next step forward toward almost all things that I wanted to try because that little voice in my head would say "I am afraid".  As I have continued to experience and explore all that I can, there are things that I leave to the way side because it is not for me, but that does not mean it isn't for someone else.  

"The purpose of my life it to help others through it. The purpose of my life is to help others through it. The purpose of my life is to help others through it." N. Moritz

So with that all being said, something tells me that you know what emotions are at a higher frequency and which ones are not.  So the question remains, what frequency are you?  FEAR or LOVE?  If it feels good, it must be good. If it feels bad, then it must not be so good.

Music is the universal language, love is the universal healer and water is the universal solvent. Put them all together you have the best kept secret in history.
— Dr. Leonard Horowitz